My name is Gawain Little and I am standing for Deputy General Secretary of your union.

I have worked in education for the last 19 years, as a member of support staff and then as a classroom teacher, in Oxfordshire and in Norfolk.

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I played a leading role in the team that brought ATL and NUT together to form the National Education Union, giving a stronger voice to all educators.

I have led nationally and internationally as National Executive Member and Chair of NEU’s International Committee whilst drawing on my experience as a Local OfficerWorkplace Rep and serving teacher.

I have organised workplaces and led campaigns to defend outdoor education, the music service, libraries, youth work and children’s centres, and have saved schools from closure. 

“Now I want to help lead the fight for the future of our education system.”


I grew up in a single-parent family in Liverpool in the 1980s, an experience which heavily influenced my values and bred in me a real opposition to poverty and inequality in all its forms. My mum instilled strong values in me, in particular a belief in collective approaches – as the saying goes: “if you want to travel fast, go alone; if you want to travel far, go together”.

As a child, I struggled with maths. Rote learning didn’t work for me and, no matter how many times I chanted my times tables, they wouldn’t go in. As I fell further and further behind, I became convinced that I just couldn’t ‘do’ maths. I was influenced by some inspirational educators who totally changed my perspective and I ended up doing a maths degree. It was this experience that made me want to become an educator.

Since leaving university, I have worked as a teaching assistant, then, following my PGCE, as a teacher for the past 19 years. During that time, I have completed a Masters degree in education, a Post-graduate certificate in primary specialist maths practice and conducted a number of school-based education research projects.


I have been an active trade unionist all of my adult life and have extensive experience of trade union leadership at local, national and international level. I was instrumental in the creation of the National Education Union and I have carried out a number of union roles in Oxfordshire and Norfolk, including as local Secretary. As a member of the NEU National Executive, I have played a key role in developing the workplace organising strategy which allowed us to respond effectively throughout the Covid 19 pandemic.

I have a track record of building grassroots activism and providing strategic leadership in campaigns. I have worked with other unions to develop campaigns to defend outdoor education, the music service, libraries, youth work and children’s centres. I have initiated campaigns to end holiday hunger and have saved schools from closure.  I have also served in the national leaderships of a number of other organisations, including Celebrating Education, Comprehensive Future, the educational journal FORUM, the Reclaiming Schools research group, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign.

However, I believe that the union is in the workplace, not in head office, and throughout that time I have been a serving primary school teacher and a workplace rep in the four schools I have taught at, building strong union groups in each one.

I have the experience, commitment and energy to help lead the fight for the future of our education system.

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