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Three weeks to build the future of our union

Ballot papers have started arriving this week for the NEU Deputy General Secretary (DGS) election. The ballot runs for three more weeks before closing on Friday October 29th. This is an important election, the outcome of which will create the scene for the next stage of the NEU. The transition into the new union, born […]

Winning a national contract for all education workers

If we are serious about winning a national contract for all education workers we need to have the correct strategy. Today’s meeting of the national executive had a concrete debate about two different strategies and overwhelmingly agreed the proposals I put forward to fight for and win a national contract. A motion (copied below) was […]

Defend women’s rights and the right to protest

I imagine all of us today feel some combination of immense sadness and boiling anger from the events of last week – International Women’s Week.  The news that the remains of missing south Londoner Sarah Everard had been found was awful enough. As we know a serving police officer has been charged with her abduction […]

On International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate women educators – leading the NEU, leading our members

On Saturday, I had the very great pleasure and privilege of hosting the Reps for Change event where reps from across our union came together to share their victories and learn from each other. What was noticeable, though not surprising, is that the vast majority of those in attendance, both participants and speakers, were women. […]

A Strategy for Safety

Last night, the National Executive of the NEU adopted a strategy for a safe return to schools and colleges, in response to the government’s attempts to force a ‘big bang’ on 8th March. I am pleased to have had a hand in drafting that strategy and speaking to it at the meeting. The full text […]

Winning a Safe and Sustainable Return

The government looks set to move to wider opening of schools and colleges in some way from 8 March, and then a wider reopening of shops and businesses across society. The great danger is that, as with previous wider opening, they will take risks with safety – risks that will put lives in danger. Unless […]

Norfolk Against Holiday Hunger

The campaign to end child poverty is rightly a huge priority for the National Education Union. Last week I spoke at a meeting of my local campaign Norfolk Against Holiday Hunger. Sign up to join our movement for change.

Whose union is it anyway?

I was reading a short discussion online, prompted by a fellow executive member, Murray Sackwild, about levels of engagement in the NEU and demystifying the union for members. Some were saying that we need to demystify union processes and procedures, while others responded that members will only understand the union properly if they make a […]

Winning for Workers in the Pandemic

This pandemic has shown the challenges working people face and the need for our unions to fight back against this government. It has also shown the power we have when we mobilise our members in struggle. We need to learn the lessons of the pandemic in terms of winning for workers. My contribution to the […]

The union is not in headquarters, it is in the workplace

As we draw closer to 8th March, and to the 22nd February deadline that the government has set itself to make a decision on wider opening, we are once again experiencing a range of different ‘leaked’ stories to test public opinion, including suggestions on vaccination, extended school days, shortened holidays and more. Unfortunately, this ‘kite […]