Our campaign is about all of us working together for change


the Workplace

our Union

In EDUCATION I will prioritise

A properly funded education system that supports the needs of every child. We must end fragmentation and bring back local democratic control.

Winning real professional control over the curriculum and an end to OFSTED/Estyn and the Exam Factory culture.

A National Education Service to provide education from cradle to grave in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In THE WORKPLACE I will promote

A workplace strategy that puts professional judgement at the heart of the education system and tackles the workload crisis.

A coordinated national campaign for decent pay, supported by robust action. In the longer term a return to national collective bargaining must be the objective.

The fight for a national contract for all education workers — teachers, support staff, supply staff and lecturers. This is the only way to end the race to the bottom on pay and conditions.

In OUR UNION I will work with others to deliver

Strengthened equalities strands to raise the voices of our Black, LGBT+, disabled and women members, including a new Anti-Discrimination Unit — bringing together policy, organising and legal specialists — to tackle discrimination, sexism and sexual harassment faced by members and students in the workplace and wider society.

Greater engagement with all our members, including sector conferences, an annual reps conference and activist academy, and a weekly call with members to answer their questions. A rep training programme that is the envy of the trade union movement, delivered as part of a union training college that serves the needs of all our members. Digital tools for reps and members that place us at the cutting edge of the trade union movement.

A robust bargaining strategy which combines workplace organisation and innovative campaigning to make us a powerful union from top to bottom, and which relies on a genuine commitment to professional unity — bringing education unions together for change!

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